Discover the secrets to Transform your deficient dirt into Living soil.

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Welcome to soil sensei,

where we're on a mission

to help farmers revitalize their  land, build thriving ecosystems, and eliminate their dependency on harmful, expensive fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. 

The Soil Sensei helps you revolutionize your soil care leveraging regenerative practices that mimic nature, and accelerates soil heath. By adding organic matter, fully alive liquid infusions and regenerative soil science, We empower you with products, principles and practices you need to  bring life back to your soil NOW, so you have a balanced and healthy ecosystem



What We Offer Is More Than Just a Service; It’s a Paradigm Shift.

The SOIL Report

Discover the secrets of your soil. Know exactly what is happening beneath the surface with a scientific report of your soil. Need to know the history of your land? Want to know what to do to bring it back to life? The SOil Report gives you the information you need to succeed on your family homestead or industrial food farm.

Custom Designs

Partnered with Abundant Acres, the soil sensei is the onsite soil team that will help you design a soil system to fit your farms needs. Want to reduce costs of inputs? Have animal waste you want to turn into high value fertilizers? Want to have soil that is fully alive and thriving? The oil Sensei design team will help you bring your soil dreams to life.

Workshops and Retreats

Learn better in person? Do you love to be a part of a community? Join us at the next SOIL Sensei workshop or family retreat. A fully immersive learning experience. Get your hands dirty with step by step live interactive classes. Learn the art of the microscope, building living soil, the exact techniques used to transform farms and family compounds around the world.

Private Consulting

Want to fast track your project or design? Need solutions now? Are you Making a transition but don't know what to do first? Book a call with The Soil sensei to build a sustainable and successful transition into regenerative farming that will produce healthier crops, build fertile soil.

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